R.I.P. Ron Glass (Firefly, Barney Miller)

Posted On Sunday, November 27th, 2016 By BJenner

“A light has gone out of the universe, may he continue the journey in peace, with God’s speed,…”

Keep flying, stay shiny!


Ron Glass,…


*** ATTENTION TO ORDERS ***, 8th Fleet

Posted On Saturday, April 9th, 2016 By BJenner


Attention on deck!

We gather today to celebrate an event of great honor and cause for celebration for the fleet. In our continuing fight against the Cylons, we often lose people, we lose friends and we lose ships. There are times when the fight seems hopeless, when the will to go on is weak and we can see no end.
It is times like these that it is with great pleasure that we can commission a new ship. When we can begin to replenish our ranks and we are filled with the spirit to fight on. To push ourselves and our fleet until we think we can push no more.
It is therefore with great pride that we hereby commission the Battlestar Artemis BSR-70. The Battlestar Artemis is hereby placed under the command of Anne Zecca. In addition it is our privilege to announce that Anne Zecca is hereby promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and assigned to the 8th Fleet, C.D.F. as Commander 8th Fleet.

We also at this time take a moment to honor the life and legacy of Mr. Ralph A. Zecca. Mr. Zecca served in the United States Army. During his life of service he was part of the 28th Division / 109th Regiment whose motto was, “ROLL ON!” He had left the service only to return yet again to serve our nation in the United States Air Force. In time he would come to hold the rank of TSgt during his time at Homestead AFB in the late 1950’s.

Mr. Zecca raised a wonderful daughter whose heart is big and adores our Armed Forces. Many of us have known Anne Zecca for a very long time. Some may know her only in passing but those of us fortunate enough to call her friend are very humbled.
Anne Zecca has been a part of the Colonial Defense Forces for several years and has never wavered in her support of the C.D.F. or the fandom. It is therefore with the highest respect and gratitude that we entrust her with her new ship and with leadership of her new Fleet.
Below you will find art work provided by the Chief of Fleet Operations, R. Admiral Rivera, along with your official chapter commissioning orders.
We are honored by your continued service to the Fleet. The Gunstar Deliverance is here by assigned as your escort. If you have any question please contact me, or Fleet Operation anytime.

Congratulations, R. Admiral Zecca!

F. Admiral Bruce D. Jenner, Commander; Colonial Defense Forces Inc., 09APR2016
R. Admiral Miguel Rivera, Chief of Fleet Operations; Colonial Defense Forces Inc., 09APR2016
Official Commissioning Message



8th Fleet, Change in Command

Posted On Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 By BJenner

On this day 30 Jun 2015 at 1230 hours, Commander Anne Zecca is hereby appointed, requested and required to assume acting command of the 8th fleet of the Colonial Defense Forces Inc with all rights, privileges and responsibilities thereof.

So Say We All!


Rear Admiral Shawn Williams, CO Battlestar Ironfist (CDF BSR-73), CDF Octagon

Posted On Monday, June 29th, 2015 By BJenner

It has just been brought to our attention that Rear Admiral Shawn Williams, CO Battlestar Ironfist (CDF BSR-73), CDF Octagon – Member Services passed away due to unknown causes last month.

All hands are hereby ordered to engage silent running and dim all lights for 24 hours in memory of this most ardent of Battlestar Galactica fans and long time supporter of the Colonial Defense Forces.

“A light has gone out of the universe. May you continue the journey in peace, with God’s speed,…”

So Say We All!