CDF | Back story

Posted On Thursday, June 30th, 2011 By admin

Like any other military organization in history, the colonial fleet always had various assets on various missions in varying places. Some missions and location remained classified. The military has always been protective about information. As such many details were kept classified in order to maintain high level of secrecy.

Prometheus assigned to deep space test trails as part of its shake down cruise. When the flash traffic concerning the attack came, it reached the Prometheus BSR-01.

When the Prometheus finally reached the colonies, it found nothing but waste and destruction. The Cylons made sure to level the planet radiation from nukes were evident.

Believing that he was the highest ranking surviving military commander, FADM Nathan Gastineau reformed the fleet to the best of his ability, appointed ADM Bruce Jenner Chief of Fleet Operations and second in command and set out to gather the remaining forces scattered across the galaxy. The order was sent out via military and civilian encryption to be recognized by any known Colonial vessel with rendezvous coordinates.

FADM Gastineau plan simple gather every Military Battlestar, Gunstar or Civilian vessel of the CDF. Every vessel regardless of its classification is a ship or group of people that have been “rounded up” since the Prometheus left the colonies.

Before leaving the colonies for the last time, we discovered that another fleet, possibly with the president of the colonies aboard and led by the galactica, was ahead of us.

We reserved the “1st Fleet” for them and numbered and organized ourselves appropriately, until such time reconfiguration of the Fleet is needed. The new formed rag tag Fleet formed a course was set and every vessel headed out best possible speed.

The goal of the CDF is to reunite with the Galactica and her fleet, if they exist, while doing maximum damage to the Cylon war machine in the meantime. We suspect the Cylons are aware of possible human survivors. As such the CDF expects to run into incursions, traps and possibly Cylon occupied areas.

In the meantime, we have begun trying to rebuild the civilian government and population, in case we are the last surviving humans, and the Galactica and her fleet is just a story told to inspire hope in people who were desperate and dying.