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General Colonial Defense Forces Information:

Introduction to the Colonial Defense Forces

A member is the most basic unit of membership in the CDF. Anyone who fills out a member application is eligible to be a member in the CDF and is bestowed with all the right’s, privilege’s and responsibilities thereof.

Member’s are organized into chapters for purposes of interaction and Command record keeping. Any group of three or more members may form a chapter. Chapters govern themselves, plan their own meetings and event’s, within the guidelines set down in the CDF charter and the CDF Membership Handbook.
Chapters may consist of anything from a Marine Squad to Viper or Raptor Squadrons to a Battlestar.

Chapter responsibilities include;
1. Record keeping. Chapters must maintain their own records and transmit them to their Fleet Commander when changes are made.
2. Event’s. Though events are not required they are encouraged. The whole point is to get people who share common interests to interact.
3. Design and maintain their own website if desired.

Chapter privilege’s include;
1. Access to the CDF Command website and communications systems.
2. Support for imagery and documentation for your own websites, and meetings.

Chapters are arranged into fleets based on geographical area. Fleets are “Commanded” by the first person to form a Battlestar in that particular Fleet. We have maps posted showing the Fleet locations. As needed more Fleets will be added. Fleet Commanders are responsible for transmitting all required records to CDF Command from their own chapter and from all chapters within their Fleet.

CDF Command:
CDF Command is ultimately responsible for all activities within the group. Generally any contact with outside entities or agencies that may in any way be perceived to obligate the CDF as a whole to any function, action or service will be handled by CDF Command.

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