Civilian Fleet

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Civilian Ship Registrations

We currently have 12 classifications of civilian ships.

Commercial Transport Gemenon Traveler
1. Commercial Transport 2. Gemenon Traveler
Commercial Transport Registry (CTR) Gemenon Traveler Registry (GTR)
Luxury Liner Mining Ship
3. Luxury Liner 4. Mining Ship
Luxury Liner Registry (LLR) Mining Ship Registry (MSR)
Research Vessel Salvage & Repair
5. Research Vessel 6. Salvage & Repair Ship
Research Vessel Registry (RVR) Salvage & Repair Registry (SRR)
Space Park Colonial Movers
7. Space Park 8. Colonial Movers
Space Park Registry (SPR) Light Cargo Registry (LCR)
Prison Ship Botanical Ship
9. Prison Ship 10. Botanical Cruiser
Prison Ship Registry (PSR) Botanical Cruiser Registry (BCR)
Reimagined Shuttle ToS Shuttle
11. Atmospheric Shuttle 12. Colonial Shuttle

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