Military Fleet

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Military Fleet Registrations

We currently have 13 classifications of military ships.

Columbia Class Battlestar Viper Mk VII
1. Battlestar 2. Viper Mk VII
Columbia Class Carrier Fighter
Raptor Viper Mk II
3. Raptor 4. Viper Mk II
Scout / Recon Fighter
Mercury Class Battlestar Reimagined Shuttle
5. Battlestar 6. Atmospheric Shuttle
Mercury Class Carrier Shuttle
Blackbird Stealth Fighter Cygnus Class Gunstar
7. Blackbird 8. Gunstar
Stealth Infiltrator Cygnus Class Destroyer
Valkyrie Class Battlestar Nova Class Battlestar
9. Battlestar 10. Battlestar
Valkyrie Class Carrier Nova Class Carrier
Viper Mk I ToS Shuttle
11. Viper Mk I 12. Colonial Shuttle
Fighter Shuttle
Berserker Class Tender
13. Support Vessel
Berserker Class Tender

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