Military Rank

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The CDF is an organization. An organization by definition must have some form of “command & control”. “Someone has to answer the phone…” so to speak. While the CDF would like to function more on a “what you do” rather than a “what your called” basis, someone does have to be in charge. To this end we have implemneted the following Rank structure.

Colonial Fleet Commissioned Officers:

Grade Rank Abbreviation
O-11 Fleet Admiral FADM
O-10 Admiral ADM
O-9 Vice Admiral VADM
O-8 Rear Admiral RADM
O-7 Commander CDR
O-6 Colonel COL
O-5 Major MAJ
O-4 Captain CAPT
O-3 Lieutenant LT
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade LT j.g.
O-1 Ensign ENS

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Colonial Fleet Enlisted Personnel:

Grade Rank Abbreviation
E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer of the Fleet MCPOF
E-8 Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO
E-7 Senior Chief Petty Officer SCPO
E-6 Chief Petty Officer CPO
E-5 Petty Officer First Class PO1
E-4 Petty Officer Second Class PO2
E-3 Specialist SP
E-2 Deckhand DH
E-1 Crewman CR

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Colonial Marine Commissioned Officers:

Grade Rank Abbreviation
O-10 General GEN
0-9 Lieutenant General LGEN
0-8 Major General MGEN
O-7 Brigadier General BGEN
O-6 Colonel COL
O-5 Lieutenant Colonel LCOL
O-4 Major MAJ
O-3 Captain CAPT
O-2 1st Lieutenant 1st LT
O-1 2nd Lieutenant 2nd LT

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Colonial Marine Enlisted Personnel:

Grade Rank Abbreviation
E-9 Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps SGTMAJMC
E-8 Sergeant Major SGTMAJ
E-7 Master Sergeant MSGT
E-6 1st Sergeant 1st SGT
E-5 Gunnery Sergeant GYSGT
E-4 Sergeant SGT
E-3 Corporal CPL
E-2 Private First Class PFC
E-1 Private PVT

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