Twelve Colonies of Kobol

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Aerelon Colony


The planet of Aerelon is unique amongst the Colonies in having not just one, but three moons, with their mass sufficiently large enough to exert considerable tidal forces on the surface of Aerelon. Even tectonic activity has been modified by the presence of the three moons moon, making Aerelon the most volcanically active Colony. Aerelon society is similar to Picon cultural in that they are also a militaristic society, though the Aerelon of today is no more likely to start a fight than a Picon would. Aerelon society places great emphasis on physical prowess and skill, almost to the detriment of all other factors, including intellectual and cultural pursuits. As a direct consequence of this, Aerelon culture is considered almost barbaric by the other societies and the Aerelon sense of humor is not sophisticated, and has a distinct bawdy to it. Aerelons are undoubtedly the best ground troops, which are why Aerelons have the highest membership of the Colonial Marine; in fact, Aerelon is host to the Marine Headquarters. The Aerelons are also a very athletic people, producing a good number of Golden Laureates at the Colonial Games. The Aerelon combat tactics, strategies and doctrines are unsurpassed by all other colonies and excel at combat. In general, Aerelons are rowdy, jovial and boisterous. They are rarely ever serious, except for physical competitions, matters of pride, and military issues where they display an amazing and surprising amount of determination and drive that is not visible in their normal behavior. They also tend to be courageous, and when the situation demands it, they can be tough as nails.

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Aquaria Colony


The planet Aquaria is located right at the outer edge of Colonial space with the highest proportion of water to land of any of the Twelve Colonies. Planetary axial tilt is extreme, providing for large variations of temperature with the seasons in the temperate zones. Average planetary temperatures are lower than the Colonial average. Surveys of the surface of Aquaria reveled very large and concentrated deposits of tylium. Explorations of continental shelves, and sea beds revealed similarly promising resources waiting to be exploited. The discovery of rich tylium deposits sparked a “tylium rush” as entrepreneurs, pioneers and miners flooded towards the Colony in an attempt to stake out their riches and Aquaria population doubled within thirty years. To cope with the rising population pressures, the Aquaria Government constructed a number of orbital habitats utilizing technology purchased from Caprica with tylium export revenues. Aquaria soon produced the largest merchant marine fleet within the twelve colonies. Added to the substantial population living in its orbital habitats, Aquaria have the largest proportion of its population in space at any given time. They are very independent people, and form tight bonds to people they know, particularly those serving in the armed forces. Aquarians tend to have a witty sense of humor, although they tend to be drier and more sarcastic than Caprica. They are a pragmatic people, a consequence of those working in the tylium mines and the dangers of space, but also fair and dependable.

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Canceron Colony


The planet of Canceron is very similar to Caprica with regards to atmosphere, size, and gravity, although Canceron experiences a longer rotational period that creates longer days. Cancer continental landmasses are relatively smaller that of other Colonies. The surface of Cancer is also remarkably uniform and flat, made up of large areas of grasslands and plains with only one major forest. The Cancer distribution of land mass and climate patterns essentially ensures that no arid regions develop which is why Canceron agriculture and husbandry forms the main backbone of the Colonial food supply and produces more than four times the food that its population can consume. Several Colonial worlds including Tauron, Caprica, and Aquaria, depended entirely upon Canceron for a steady supply of food, which is why the Canceron economy is largely based upon agronomy for income. Due to this reliance upon primary produce to earn revenue, the Canceron as a population are not overly rich and the average per capita income is below the Colonial average. Nevertheless, Cancer is also the first Colony to eradicate poverty amongst its people. While not rich, the Canceron people are also comfortable and embody the ideal to support a reversion of Colonial technology and culture towards the bare minimum needed to main a healthy and comfortable modern Colonial life. Canceron, due to their pastoral lifestyle are polite and courteous to a fault, while their hospitality is genuine if simple, their views on things tend to be conservative and adaptation to change is not high on their agenda. They are also similarly lax about time; farmers have loads of it so they do not bother keeping track very often, meaning that they tend to be chronically late. They are also un-cosmopolitan; most Canceron have never been to or seen a major Colonial city. Even the planetary capital of Elysian is rustic in comparison to Caprica City.

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Caprica Colony


The Planet of Caprica has been the center of the twelve colonies civilization from the beginning of recorded time. The planet is a paradise for humanity and is perfectly suited for habitation. Caprica society is highly orderly and peaceful. Caprica is known for its philosophers, particularly of legal issues, morality and enlightened thought. Caprica is also the fashion capital and trendsetter of the Twelve Colonies, Fashion Week in Caprica City is a major Colonial event for the elite. Thanks to a pleasant environment, and good government Caprica soon dominated the remaining Colonies with respect to economic and military power though it rarely attempted to dominant the other colonies. Caprica morality, political views, and philosophy considered such tactics as heresy. Caprica efforts to push through the Articles of Colonization were the single most important factor in the unification of the Colonies. We also know that Caprica City itself was the first Colonial settlement to be founded, and it is from here that the fledging Caprica Government ran its planetary affairs. Caprica invested much time and effort into their “Crown Jewel”, and Caprica City stands supreme amongst all Colonial cities as the most beautiful, cultured and richest city with wide boulevards and shopping areas. The Caprica Government Building is a tourist attraction as much as it is the bureaucratic and political heart of the Colonies.

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Gemenon Colony


The planet of Gemon is unremarkable close to the Caprica standard for habitability. The industrialization of Gemon from an early stage meant that the lifestyle of its people has always been higher than most other Colonies. With the invention of tylium-based reactors, the Gemon industry was overshadowed and surpassed by Tauron. As a result, Gemon suffered a short-lived economic depression during the relocation of heavy industry to Tauron. The Government took a pragmatic outlook on the situation, and decided that competition with Tauron was no longer an option as a policy of reform. Gemon became the main hub in the financial network of the Colonies, superseded only by Caprica. Favorable policies and legislation soon turned Gemon into the financial capital of the Colonies. All major economic institutions, corporations, stock exchanges, and The Colonial Reserve Bank have major headquarters on Gemon. As a result of this shift in Gemon policy, the Colony is now the largest provider of services amongst all twelve worlds. Its people have never known hardship giving Gemini’s a reputation for being pampered. They often dream up ingenious solutions to seemingly intractable problems, using their natural deviousness and cunning to their advantage.

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Leonis Colony


The planet of Leonis is unique amongst the Twelve Colonies by being in almost pristine condition. The surface of the landmasses is almost entirely forested and free from space. Leonis looks like a giant emerald forest in a sea of black. The only exception to this canopy of forest is the major human cities in the east continent where the forests give way to lush verdant grassland. Leonis is also home to an astounding variety and number of fauna, both indigenous and introduced, which thrive in the forests. Leonis is by far the most unpolluted and undisturbed ecology amongst the Twelve Colonies. Leonis law strictly prevents any deforestation for industrial purposes; in fact, the only deforestation allowed to occur on the planet is to hold back the encroachment of the forests onto the human settlements. This strict environmental policy has turned tourism into the single largest commodity for the Leonis people and accounts for more than two-thirds of their income. Leonis law allows the hunting of game in the forests subject to licensing, and this recreation is particularly favored amongst tourists from other colonies. Leonis people tend to be welcoming and sharing which is a fact that plays well for their primary tourism. Leonis are particularly wary of physical contact unless invited. They are an independent people, and pride is important amongst them. They have a sense of harmony that they have learned from their surrounding forest environment, and use that harmony in their interactions with people.

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Libris Colony


The planet of Libris is the third planet to be founded and is more arid than others, being the closest of the twelve colonies to their sun, with the equatorial band being particularly dry and hot. Libris also does not experience seasons due to the lack of an axial tilt. Libris is also the most sparsely populated Colony, numbering less than half the population of Caprica. The general Libris population tends to be more cerebral than other Colonies and place great weight in intellectual prowess and not physical. Perhaps the greatest crime in Libra society is to be dumb, and the greatest insult also. Libris also tends to be logical and methodical, sometimes appearing cold. They are not an emotionally expressive people but arguments on topics of interest and can get rather heated. They are also not religious in general, although they hold no animosity towards the other colonies. Libris people sometimes find it difficult to communicate with others as they think and talk in abstract ways and are often misunderstood.

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Picon Colony


The planet of Picon is in many respects similar to Caprica, except for its relatively small size and mass. The result of the smaller mass is a lighter gravity field experienced by those on the surface of the fifth Colony. Picon also has a higher proportion of water to land, but all other parameters are similar to Caprica. Picon grew from a largely agrarian society into a major port of call for merchant ships en route to other destinations within the Twelve Colonies. The explosion of trade between the Colonies fuelled the rapid transformation of Picon from a backwater Colony dependent upon farming to one of the richest and most sophisticated worlds under Colonial control. The mindset of the Pisceans changed over time and military service became the social norm for most Pisceans. In fact, more than three quarters of the population was involved with the Picon Navy in some way or another at the time when the Articles of Colonization were signed. Picon Naval power is second only to that of Caprica. With the unification of the Colonies, Picon played host to the Colonial Navy Headquarters in the capitol Picon City and the Naval academy along with the War College. Subsidiary naval industries sprang up on Picon to feed the Naval machine and Picon became the center of Colonial naval construction. In many ways, Picon is viewed as a military planet. As a direct consequence of their militaristic nature, Pisceans tend to operate by a strict code of discipline. Displays of emotion in public are strongly frowned upon, while tears are seen as a sign of weakness.

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Sagittaron Colony


The planet of Sagittaron has a standard atmosphere, although barometric pressure at sea level is a little lower than Caprica standard. Sagittaron weather extremes are virtually unheard of, possibly as a result of the extremely slow rotational period. Sagittaron also bears witness to some of the most irregular and broken terrain with the most extensive mountain ranges than seen on any of the Twelve Colonies. The planet is an important supplier of raw resources for Colonial industry and Sagittaron labor is the cheapest available in the twelve Colonies, with few rights and protections. Sagittaron has also been afflicted with much civil strife caused by the efforts of terrorists and insurrectionists for the right of Sagittaron to secede from the Articles of Colonization. The Sagittaron people are partiers and lovers of all things fun, with a wild streak in them that cause them to be seen as “adrenalin junkies”. They tend to be seen as irresponsible and reckless by the other Colonies. Sagittaron people are an honorable lot, operating by a strange form of the thieves’ code or honor, and an almost feudal hierarchy.

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Scorpia Colony


The planet of Scorpia, while not as utopian as Caprica, it is certainly a pleasant world to live on, although the planet is subject to violent weather patterns. The people of Scorpia have always been the most devout and religious of the twelve tribes. Their belief in the spiritual and power of the Twelve Lords have undoubtedly been influenced by the location of the High Temple on that planet. The High Temple was the ecclesiastical capital of the Twelve Colonies, housing the keenest theologians in brotherhood with the Priests and Priestesses who tended to the people’s well being. Scorpia people also hold to their own brand of honor, dictated by the scriptures of the Book and the teachings of the Twelve Lords; the word honor holds a very different meaning to them compared to others. Scorpions are also, a kindly society, and extremely charitable, also undoubtedly due to the strong influence of the High Temple. They are polite and helpful people. On the other hand, centuries of religious indoctrination have also tended to make Scorpions view “right” and “wrong” from a more traditionalist point of view, and also tended to fuel zealotry amongst the populace. Scorpions tend to have conservative opinions towards sexual morality, and as a consequence of their sexual conservatism, Scorpions also tend to be insanely jealous and suspicious of any sort of infidelity, true or imagined.

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Tauron Colony


The planet of Tauron is dominated by two large continental landmasses located closest to the Colonial worlds of Caprica. Surface temperatures are higher than what would be called comfortable by most humans, which is caused by the huge industrial factories on the surface of Tauron, which have ejected vast amounts of gasses into the atmosphere, increasing global temperatures. Tauron appears to have been largely agricultural and fertile until the construction of tylium reactors and the industrialization began. Tauron industrial dominated more than the development of all other colonies industry and Tauron production of civilian transport FTL capable ships soon rivaled the other colonies as Tauron begin exporting these cheaper vessels. The Tauron shipyards have been credited as being pivotal in decreasing the cost of space flight for the average Colonial citizen, and improving the Colonial economy. Unfortunately, Tauron was also the world used for production of the first Cylon units making the Colony heavily robotic in both industrial and domestic sectors and as a consequence, Tauron became an important battlefield during the Great War. Today, Tauron tends to be very pragmatic and accepting of things as they are, they tend not to question the status quo or the social order and Civil disobedience is virtually unheard of on Tauron. Tauron people are workaholics and terribly unhappy when they have nothing to do. They also tend to be task-oriented and obsessive about the task until it is accomplished successfully, which makes them highly adaptable and efficient.

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Virgon Colony


The planet of Virgon is a pleasant place to live on with a sparse rainfall and the bright luminosity of the Virgon star guarantees almost perpetual sunshine across the planet. Virgon is dominated by equatorial landmasses, with the northern and southern latitudes composed of large oceans. Virgons largely exist on agricultural pursuits for most, however, with the tropical environment it naturally became a popular tourist and almost overnight, with financing from Gemon and Virgon tourism sector, resorts, theme parks, and other recreational facilities sprang up all over the planet. The Colonial upper class began to pour onto the planet, each willing to spend their cubits for luxury goods and items. The Virgons also became keen patrons and sponsors of the arts with their suddenly new found extra income, making the planet a cultural center. Virgon is also famous for its universal instinct towards sexual gratification and sex is seen as a part of life and something to be enjoyed to the fullest. However, their tendency towards sexual gratification also makes Virgons the vainest; they spend more time per capita in the bathroom doing their hair than any other Colonies. Virgons in general do not take well to the military and often are difficult to contain. They are just as likely to have a bottle in their hand as a fork, and are the most non-religious of all the twelve Colonies.

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