06th Fleet

Posted On Thursday, July 7th, 2011 By BJenner

6th Fleet Seal

Fleet CO’s Message:


We the members of the 6th FLEET are a collective force working toward a greater fandom based community. Our primary goal is to move all of our chapters forward together in unison to achieve a greater goal in a harmonious method. Our new course will take us through uncharted space, but as a TEAM and EQUALS we will endeavor to meet all challenges head on. By being FANS, By being PROFESSIONALS, By recognizing WE are DIFFERENT, but want the same thing, By placing our pity differences to the side and recognizing that the is something BIGGER THAN ALL US, SO LETS GET THERE. So say we all…


bsr_22_150 bsr_26 bsr_51_150
Battlestar Trident Battlestar Aries Battlestar Responder


Gunstar Andhrimnir

Squadron Insignia:

Reavers 6th FS

Marine Insignia: