10th Fleet

Posted On Thursday, July 7th, 2011 By BJenner

10th Fleet Seal

Fleet CO’s Message:

To the Officers, Crew, Marines of the Colonial 10th Fleet;
We have come a long way since the last attack on The Twelve Colonies. The Cylons attacked our home worlds, and attempted to eliminate us a people. Instead they have brought the last of us together in a way that could not have been imagined. Every skirmish strengthens our resolve, and every Victory We strike against them, brings us closer together as a Family. We will continue to stand against the Cylons together.
I am Commander Lee Highfield, Commanding Officer of the 10th Fleet and the Fleet Flagship The Battlestar Leviathan BSR-31. I hope that whether your Fandom adventure includes Con-Going, episode discussions, Costuming, RP, or just hanging out with fellow fans that you find the CDF 10th Fleet is a place you can call home.


Battlestar Vendetta Battlestar Leviathan Battlestar Valkyrie
Battlestar Vendettea Battlestar Leviathan Battlestar Valkyrie
Battlestar Zeus Battlestar Zeus
Battlestar Zeus Battlestar George C. Cooney


Squadron Insignia:

107th Fighter Squadron 108th Fighter Squadron 109th Fighter Squadron
110th Fighter Squadron

Marine Insignia: