11th Fleet

Posted On Thursday, July 7th, 2011 By BJenner

11th Fleet Seal

Fleet CO’s Message:


The 11th Fleet is always on the alert conducting Patrol, Recon, Search and Rescue mission when needed.  Our mission is to conduct sustained operational readiness on all fronts against the Cylons and enemy aggressors of the Twelve Colonies.  During peace time we train and increase our level of combat in order to be prepared.  Chance is what you make of it, but here in the 11th Fleet.  Continuous practice and commitment to Honor and Courage is our LEGACY!

To our enemies you will not get a chance to destroy the human race our will to survive is stronger and more powerful then your thirst to exterminate us. SO SAY WE ALL!


Battlestar Excalibur


Squadron Insignia:

111th Fighter Squadron

Marine Insignia: